With the best interest for the health of our cats, we select the best natural real ingredients. Cats in different ages need different nutrition for the best well being, we have different recipes to take care of their needs in every stage of their lives. Kittens need different sets of nutrition for the best development for future good health. Once mature, cats need to maintain their health, bones and visions and the best for them to stay with us the longest.

We offer cat kibbles in many shapes sizes and colors as below.

Shapes : Fish Shape, Flower Shape, Triangle Shape, Heart Shape, Y shape, Round Shape, Donut Shape, Triangle Shape

Color: Natural, Brown, Red, Green

Colors and shapes can be made according to different requirements.


We love our dogs and want to see the best of them. With the selection of the best natural real ingredients, we formulate different recipes for different stages as well as specific for small dog breeds. Puppies need a special formulation for general development, adult dogs need specific nutrients for example calcium for strong bones. Small breed dog formulations are also available for their needs. These recipes are for your dog’s best health, well being and the happiest dog!

We offer dog kibbles in many shapes and sizes as below.

Shapes: Round shape, Heart shape, Donut shape, Square shape, Rectangle Shape, Dice Shape, Dumbbell Shape, Cat Face Shape, Bone Shape

Color: Natural, Brown

Shapes and sizes can be made according to different requirements.