Our Dedication to Animal Welfare

KDM’s dedication goes beyond providing the most nutritious and highest quality pet foods. We are also dedicated to promoting and supporting animal welfare through programmes that raise awareness about the ethical treatment of animals, whether they are domesticated pets or living in the wild.



KDM Pet Food has demanding customers dedicated to satisfying the most discerning consumers and their pets. So, we must stand unfailingly maintain our reputation as a preferred producer and exporter of pet food products markets across the global. KDM is fully committed to quality control and food safety, working as a close-knit team with local partners to make sure we keep our quality promise for customers and consumers alike.

Our products meet the strictest international food quality and production guidelines, delivering the consistency and quality control expected by consumers everywhere. From sourcing to production, from packing to shipping, we meticulously monitored each stage, every step of the process, ensuring our customers receive only the very best.


Our Superior Service Difference

We have built a reputation for superb customer service from start to finish, gaining a full understanding of what is needed, then delivering exactly that. We foster a close relationship with customers and suppliers so that we can respond to any changes to consumer trends and demands, keeping our customers, and their customers, completely satisfied.